True Colors

TC: Before & After

We want what you want: for you to have an incredible True Colors experience. So we’ve put together some information to get you started and we’ve developed resources to help you integrate your True Colors experience after you get home.

Preparing for TC

TRUE COLORS was created with you in mind. It addresses the challenges and opportunities you're facing right now. To have the best possible experience we encourage you to spend some time thinking about what you would want more of in your life...for some it might be connection with others, for someone else it might be more self-confidence. This is your life we're talking about, so give it some thought and be ready to jump in on day one!

Let your friends and family know you're coming to TRUE COLORS and how they can support you while you're there. It's fun to receive cards and letters from home. You can ask them for inspiring quotes...old photos with the story behind it...etc. They may want to make a card for each day you'll be in seminar! They can mark on the outside what day they want the card to be delivered and at what time. Have them send cards the week before to:

Wings Seminars
275 W. 5th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
ATTN: True Colors Seminar

Make sure they put a note with your name in the packet. You can also bring them to registration in a sealed envelope and the True Colors Card Fairy will deliver them to you on the designated day.

Make sure you have some creative stuff like a journal, sketch pad, colored markers, guitar or other musical instrument...etc. Guaranteed you're going to be inspired, and you'll want a way to channel it!

The most important thing is to be curious and open about what you might learn and experience.

What You Say

We receive so much great feedback from from our participants! Read what other teens have to say about TRUE COLORS and THRIVE.

Have something to add? You can email us your feedback at

“True Colors inspired me, in life, in love, in every aspect of who I am and who I want to be. I went to True Colors when I was 14 then Advanced when I was 17. Now at nearly 19, I use the skills and knowledge I learned there every day. It took me along time to understand that I create my life, no one else. True Colors helped me become the strong and independent woman I am today. I wouldn't have survived high school with out it.”
– Kathy Nason

“This seminar inspired me and helps me everyday!”
– Dana Giacci

“My overall experience of the True Colors seminar was that it was by far the best 5 days of my life. It was exhilaratingly fun. It changed my life forever and I will always be grateful for that.”
– Danielle Baughman

“The most powerful experience in my life. Very uplifting and inspiring!”
– Destiny Bednorz

“This seminar was one of the most eye-opening and beneficial of my life. It was completely worthwhile, the facilitators were knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. I am extremely glad that I attended this seminar.”
– Angela Berti

“I am continuously amazed by the effects of this program. I have been to True Colors before and I was still so into the whole process. I met so many wonderful people and have never felt better about myself. Wings is the most amazing program.”
– Rachel Hesse

“It was amazing. My life is going to be totally changed, and it is. My outlook on the future is incredible and I can communicate much better with everyone.”
– Carl Sohn

It was the most helpful thing in my life. True Colors was a very powerful and emotional experience for me and I have learned a lot about life from attending.”
– Shaun Duke

“This was literally the best 5 days of my life. I've learned lessons here that I never even dreamt of. I not only learned how to be nonjudgmental but more importantly, to trust myself. I found my inner strength that I never knew I had.”
– Stephanie Graf

“I met lots of fun, interesting people and made wonderful friends. The information used in True Colors will help me in my adult years. Going to True Colors was one of the best experiences I have ever had!”
– Teddy Woeppel

“I made lifelong friends and learned a lot about myself and my choices through True Colors. It was a very powerful experience and I'm so glad I went.”
– Jamie Stash

“WOW Amazing, fabulous, spectacular. I think that covers it! One of the best experiences of my life.”
– Natali de Assis

“This seminar changed my life. It was fun too. The letting go of the secrets was a hard thing for me to do, but I felt so light and trusting afterwards.”
– Tina Coop

“It was awesome! The back-up team and leaders were understanding and I didn't have any problems talking about how I was feeling, honestly. The experience is incredible. As soon as I got home my Mom said she could tell the difference in me....”
– Lauren Wastal

Teen Leadership Connections

The best way we know to stay connected to your TRUE COLORS experience is to stay connected to each other. You’ve shared a lot with one another and in only a week, you may know your fellow participants better than friends you go to school with! Remember, when life gets challenging you’re not alone! There are a multitude of ways to stay connected, and we’ve got them set up to get you started.

TRUE COLORS on Facebook

Connect with other grads, telling us what you’re up to and share your experiences after TRUE COLORS. Share your photos!

WINGS Seminars

You have your own personal Enrollment Coordinator to call or email with questions, successes and support. Call WINGS at 800.697.0040 to find out how you can connect.

Have an idea to create more connections? Let us know!