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David Blake's Story

David Blake

"I am inspired, inspiring, joyful and accepting. In my essence, living my vision"

By attending True Colors I changed my view of life. Before I went to this camp I never thought about what I wanted... I just always felt sorry for myself. I was letting my life run me. Now I have the strength and skills to take control of my life. During True Colors I became more familiar with myself than I ever imagined was possible. While I was learning, I was also making incredible friendships with people I had never met before. By the end of the week they felt as close to me as family. True Colors can benefit anyone. I guarantee those who participate and are engaged the whole week will come away a more courageous person, with skills to live life to the fullest.

—David Blake

> Katie Frank's Story

Katie Frank

I have a lot of experience with Wings Seminars. I participated in True Colors twice and after that, Advanced True Colors, PES, and CrossOver. This summer, I decided that the best way to recover from my first year of college would be to back-up a True Colors seminar. I really liked the idea of helping other teens get through a lot of the same things I had recently experienced. I also thought it would be empowering for me to take on the role of authority figure/adult, something I'm just beginning to work out.

And, I was just plain excited to be a part of the team that makes a True Colors seminar happen. My most fond Wings-related memories took place in Lost Valley; there's something completely wonderful about the idea of combining Wings work with summer camp. I was also nervous. Being a back-up team member is very different than being a participant, and I was worried my memories of being a True Colors participant would get confusing for me. I was worried that I was too young, that I would do it wrong and ruin their lives, that I couldn't do it.

From the second I got to Lost Valley, however, I felt at ease. I had no trouble distinguishing myself from the participants; one of the things I learned while there is that I've come a long way since I started this work! I also bonded so quickly with the team that it was easy to feel a part of the older group. I enjoyed hanging out in the seminar room, setting things up, knowing all of the exciting processes that were about to happen next, and what went on behind the scenes to make them happen. Robyn is an amazing facilitator and getting to know her on a different level was also incredibly rewarding.

The most rewarding aspect of the experience, however, was watching the participants grow throughout the seminar. From the first day when they were so nervous, to the last, when they claimed their contracts with pride, it was incredible to watch them change. Especially in small group, I felt really honored by their trust and openness, and inspired by their bravery. The participants confronted so much during the seminar, and watching teens I liked and respected come out the other side of it happier and more confident was really touching.

I also learned during my time as a back-up team member just how well the seminars are designed. Knowing the structure of the seminar as well as I did, I would often think to myself... wait, we're doing that process tomorrow? How are we gonna pull that off? And we always did. The seminar flows so well, and Robyn is so good at what she does, it was easy to keep things running smoothly. All of my fears about not being a good enough team member were easily assuaged; I did my jobs to the best of my ability and the seminar progressed easily.

Ultimately, backing up True Colors was a lot of fun. I met wonderful people, on the back-up team and in the seminar. I learned a lot about myself, honed my leadership skills and increased my confidence. I left with a sense of peace and purpose. I felt challenged in all the best ways: my thoughts had been provoked and my bluffs had been called. I felt at peace knowing I was there to be in service, and that I had been. I was part of creating an experience that had been a catalyst for participants and back-up team alike to make important changes. I had been brave enough to follow my bliss, to offer the gifts I had, though I was worried they weren't enough. In return, I'd been given the trust of strangers, and all of the inspiration to be bold and live my dreams I could've asked for. I am grateful to everyone who helped make this past True Colors what it was. I am grateful to everyone who helps make Wings what it is. I am proud to be among you.

—Katie Frank

> Taylor Luce's Story

Taylor Luce

Tanner Brooks & Taylor Luce, True Colors

I am a close-minded, dishonest, and fearful child. This would have probably been a great contract for me going into True Colors. Not knowing what I was going to do with my life, scared and confused in a world where I didn't know where I fit in. Luckily, True Colors brought me back to reality, and in touch with my life.

After the third of five amazing days at True Colors, I made a phone call. This phone call, I learned later, my parents answered in a state of dread, not because they didn't want me to call, but because they didn't want me to be mad at them for sending me there. I called to let them know that I was in love. I was in love with True Colors, I was in love with 43 other kids attending True Colors, and I was in love with myself.

On the 5th day at True Colors I recited my contract in front of my parents. “I am an honest, motivated, and confident man, and a child of God.” This contract was not only a contract that we were supposed to make just because, but is is a contract that I will base the rest of my life on. The effect that True Colors had on me and my parents is life changing. I am excited to continue True Colors by going on to Advanced True Colors in December to find out even more about myself. I am an inspired author eager to write the story of my life.

—Taylor Luce