True Colors


TRUE COLORS was named by the participants themselves after experiencing the loving and respectful environment the program offers, one where they are able to discover, strengthen and celebrate their true colors — the lovable and magnificent essence of who they are and how they chose to be in the world. Teens leave TRUE COLORS loving who they are and trusting themselves more than ever before.

I am not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship. –Louisa May Alcott


“My overall experience of the True Colors seminar was that it was by far the best 5 days of my life. It was exhilaratingly fun. It changed my life forever and I will always be grateful for that.”
– Danielle Baughman

TRUE COLORS is a 5 1/2-day residential program for young people 13 to 18 years old. If it sounds like a lot of learning, don’t worry, you’ll have a blast while making friends more quickly and easily than you would have believed possible and discovering just how amazing and capable you really are.

In TRUE COLORS you will learn:

  • to start dreaming and creating a life you love
  • ...the inner peace that comes from living in integrity and accountability
  • ...the fun of spontaneity and openness born from self assurance
  • ...the rewards of clear, honest and respectful communication
  • self awareness and personal power lead to healthy choices
  • to talk so adults listen and you feel heard
  • parents think, and why they do what they do.

In TRUE COLORS you'll take giant steps on the path toward becoming a young adult, capable of meeting life’s challenges and opportunities.

You’ll be impressed with how much your parents have learned, grown, and ‘humanized’ during your time away, and the feeling tends to be mutual! You’ll leave TRUE COLORS excited to be actively engaged in your life, putting your new skills to work, deepening friendships, achieving goals, becoming the leader of your life.

Filled with activities including challenging games, interactive processes, and thought provoking lessons and stories, TRUE COLORS is a unique opportunity for you to learn more about who you are and what you’re passionate about. You’ll learn skills to assist you to create a meaningful life and make a positive contribution in the world.

TRUE COLORS is held at Lost Valley Educational Center, an intentional community and conference center southeast of Eugene. Dorms are rustic, and the meals are healthy, delicious and vegetarian. Tuition includes all activities, materials, instruction, meals and lodging.


TRUE COLORS assists you to:

  • Create the results you want most in your life and in your world.
  • Honor yourself and others... learning to value and appreciate the differences.
  • Open to your natural wisdom, power, love, and aliveness... trusting your talents.
  • Invest in the relationships in your life by communicating honestly and respectfully from your heart... listening with an open mind.
  • Choose with awareness... to stop, look and choose... realizing that your choices create your consequences and your life.
  • Enthusiastically accept the adventure that is your life... risking to live your dreams.

TRUE COLORS Seminar Outline

This outline is an overview of what we focus on during the 5 days of seminar. We actually do much more... including sharing, team building activities, interactive processes, reflection and some writing.

Day 1
  • Level of Participation = Quality of Results
  • The Price of Your Fear of Being Judged: Loss of self
  • Ownership: The key to reclaiming your real self
  • Getting the Results You Want Instead of Your Reasons, Excuses and Fears
  • Differences in Communication of Men & Women
  • Creating Healthy Change: Coping, Addictions, Self-Talk, Comfort Zones
  • Cornerstones of a Balanced Life: Ownership, Integrity, Spontaneity, Vulnerability
  • How Your Beliefs Create Your Experience: Choice, Agreements, Honesty
Day 2
  • Moving From Image to Essence: “Who am I?” Being authentic
  • Feelings: What are they for? Signals to pay attention to
  • Trust: Getting it back, of yourself and others
  • Boundaries: What are they? Setting healthy boundaries
  • Choice and Accountability: Stepping out, being the source of your life, taking responsibility
  • Acknowledging Each Other’s Strengths and Areas of Learning
Day 3
  • Enabling? How we do it, the consequences we pay and how to stop it
  • The Consequences of Resistance...How to Choose Acceptance: Moving from stress to freedom
  • The Impact of Belief Systems: Limitations, Doubt, Denial, Triangulation
  • The Learning in Our Families: Patterns and behaviors that impact our present life
  • Choosing new ways of being and doing
  • We are all on the same team: Being excellent to each other
Day 4
  • Integrity: Cleaning up, Keeping agreements, Saying YES and meaning it
  • Empowering Language: What is it? How to use it
  • Creating Balance in Life: Knowing, accepting and using all parts of yourself
  • The Courage to Dream: Claiming your whole self
  • Contracts: Creating a new definition of yourself that works
Day 5
  • Creating Safety: Valuing and honoring each other
  • Integration: All aspects of TRUE COLORS
  • Committing to Make a Difference: Claiming your voice and committing to your future
  • Gratitude: I am grateful for...
  • Celebration: Sharing yourself with the world


True Colors Brochure

Want to know more? Download our TRUE COLORS Brochure!

Seminar Details:

5.5 day Residential Program

$450 Tuition
$495 Meals & Lodging
(Non-refundable Deposit $495)

Prerequisite: Must be 13-18 years old to attend

Seminar Dates:

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Seminar Hours:
Tues: 5 pm - Sun 6 pm
Ending times are approximate.

Lost Valley Educational Center
southeast of Eugene, OR.