True Colors


THRIVE is a 3-day teen leadership program we bring to your school, summer program, or church youth group. In a community already familiar with one another, experiencing THRIVE together creates an exceptional opportunity for developing compassion, understanding and connection. The experience builds within the group a common language for creating shared goals, problem-solving, and deepening relationships.

Now, I have no choice but to see with your eyes, so I am not alone, so you are not alone.
–Yannis Ritsos
Letter to Thrive

Read what high school counselor Coralee Fries says about THRIVE.

THRIVE is held on location at your school or other facility, during regular school hours. It is a ‘mini-TRUE COLORS’ with the added benefit of on-going relationships within the group. These relationships deepen in THRIVE and new ones are formed. Long after the program ends these relationships offer acceptance, support and connection.

As teens learn to support each other in healthy ways, the power of negative peer pressure diminishes. With resistance gone, understanding and respect develop…the beginnings of peaceful coexistence.

THRIVE is sure to bring a heightened level of awareness, focus, clarity, and meaning to the lives of your teens and the adults who support them.

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Program Details:

3 day Program during regular school hours

Cost: $4,500.00 plus Travel and Expenses
Maximum Students: 50

Please contact Wings for more information at: 800.697.0040