True Colors


Imagine knowing you are capable, that you have a unique purpose and what you do counts. Now, imagine trusting yourself so much, that no matter what the circumstance or who you are with, you are at ease within yourself, confident of who you are and what you value. Wow! This and so much more is what awaits you in ADVANCED TRUE COLORS.

We start to look outside ourselves for acceptance and approval
We keep forgetting that the one thing we should know is
Don't be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own
Love will open every door... Spread your wings and soar
-From the song "Soar" as performed by Christina Aguilera


ADVANCED TRUE COLORS builds upon your TRUE COLORS learning, insights and experiences. You will be surrounded by like-minded youth, committed and ready to create extraordinary moments and discoveries together.

Imagine living true to your values, with integrity and purpose, being honest with yourself and others, respecting and valuing our planet and all beings, thinking big and taking bold action to create a meaningful life — now imagine this as your life.

In ADVANCED TRUE COLORS you will deepen your self-awareness, explore new pathways, cultivate compassion and understanding and learn the value of kindness and respect. And so much more...

ADVANCED TRUE COLORS is a 5-1/2 day residential program, held at Lost Valley Educational Center near Eugene, Oregon. Tuition includes all meals, lodging, materials, activities, and instruction. We encourage you to enroll in the ADVANCED TRUE COLORS as early as possible to avoid missing out. It is limited to teens between 15 and 18 years old, and offered only once per year.


ADVANCED TRUE COLORS assists you to:

  • Accept that you are capable, that you are genuinely needed here and that what you do counts.
  • Strengthen your relationships through cooperation, honest sharing, negotiation and listening.
  • Practice self-discipline and self-control to create more personal freedom.
  • Integrate your natural wisdom and vision to create a meaningful life.
  • Respond to the consequences of everyday life with responsibility, integrity, flexibility and a sense of humor.
  • Enjoy your accountability... remembering you are the director, the producer and the star of your life.


This outline is an overview of what we focus on during the 5 ½ days of seminar. We actually do much more... including sharing, team building activities, interactive processes, reflection and some writing.

Day 1
  • Ownership: What have I created so far? Owning my choices, taking stock of now.
  • Vision: Who am I? What are my dreams for the future? What are my next steps?
Day 2
  • Pain and Pleasure: Understanding the two main driving forces in humans.
  • Accountability: Creating and keeping agreements I choose to live by.
  • Legacy: Imagining my future self. What will I create? What legacy will I leave behind?
  • Blocks: How do I stop myself from dreaming big and living those dreams?
Day 3
  • Growth: Understanding my family system and how I grow within it.
  • Acceptance: Empowering myself for the future by accepting the ‘tools’ gained from my past experience.
  • Clarity: What do I value? Where do I stand?
Day 4
  • Authenticity: Claiming my unique self.
  • Purpose: Finding my own special purpose for being in the world.
  • Value: What gifts I offer to the world.
  • Commitment: Committing to be my best self and living in service to my world.

A New Day...

Day 5
  • New content, new experiences and new learning!

Advanced True Colors Brochure

Advanced True Colors Brochure

Want to know more? Download our ADVANCED TRUE COLORS Brochure!

Seminar Details:

5.5 day Residential Program

$450 Tuition
$495 Meals & Lodging
(Non-refundable Deposit $495)

Prerequisite: True Colors

Seminar Dates:

TBACall to Register

Seminar Hours:
Tues 5 pm - Sun 6 pm
Ending times are approximate.

Lost Valley Educational Center
southeast of Eugene, OR.