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Information for Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you have lots of questions (everyone does). We've put together a list of the questions we get most often to get you started. Be sure to take a look at our brochures for more information about our programs. In addition, you can contact us M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST, at 800.697.0040 with questions.

What do you mean by ‘rustic’ accommodations?

We’re not talking dirt floors and canvas walls here. The dorms have beds with a shared bathroom and shower down the hall. You’ll bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Think ‘summer camp 1970.’ No internet hookup, no TV, no phones. Just the basics.

What about supervision? I mean, you have both boys and girls (and raging hormones).

There are two separate dorms, one for the girls and one for the guys. There are adult ‘dorm parents’ for each floor of each dorm, and their rooms are located beside the outside exits. The dorms are locked during the day. Participants have access to the dorms only while there is supervision — from bedtime after evening activities until time for breakfast.

What about drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and things like that?

WINGS has a strictly enforced no tolerance policy regarding illegal substances, and any teen found in possession is immediately sent home, no exceptions and no second chances.

No hamburgers?? Vegetarian food?? For a whole week??

That’s right. And teens usually find it delicious once they actually try it. It’s not unusual for them to ask for seconds, or to ask the cooks for a repeat of a favorite item. Participants who fear they might starve usually bring a supply of snack food. It is kept in the dining room, in a bag with their name on it, where they have access to it during meal times. Refrigeration is not available for snacks they bring.

What about phoning home?

There is one pay phone on site, which the teens may use during certain times of the day. Calls are limited to a few minutes so that everyone gets a chance. Teens do not use phones during seminar hours. There is an emergency number you can call if you need to contact your teen, this number is different each year and we provide it in your registration packet.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. We do everything in our power to insure that each participant receives value from his or her TRUE COLORS experience.

Is this a program for ‘troubled’ youth?

A typical TRUE COLORS session will have similar demographics to a public high school. We have participants who are leaders and some who have struggled. Underneath the behaviors and outside appearances teens often find they have more in common than they thought. Everyone benefits from the diversity within the group.

Should siblings attend together, or in separate seminars?

Together! What better opportunity to get to know each other and connect at the heart level? TRUE COLORS is an ideal setting to address and resolve rivalries and jealousies, and to heal the wounds of difficulties that siblings often experience. An added bonus is the ongoing support they give each other in ‘real life’ after the seminar. (Same for attending with a friend.)

What Parents Say

Here are a few stories we've received from parents of True Colors participants. If you would like to share your story, send us an email at

“Wow! I was hoping True Colors would be an incredible experience for Mikala - and it really was life changing for her! She just came home last night (exhausted!) and I could see big changes in her right away. We talked this evening for about three hours straight - sharing ideas and thoughts about life. I am grateful that you offer such a fantastic program for young people to learn in a safe environment. Thank you for the special gift Mikala and I will share together for many years to come!”
– Carolyn Chenault

“My son, David started True colors at age 13 and loved it! At his request, he begged to return the next couple of years! It's amazing how this seminar has transformed his vision for his life...a new found zest for being full out himself....accountable for his experience, while confident in his abilities. From a parent standpoint, what more could I want? I wish all Teens would get the opportunity to grow from this seminar and build their esteem and create the life of their dreams!
Thanks Wings!”
– Alan Larson, M.D.

“We are deeply grateful for the positive transformation our daughter Haley has undergone since attending True Colors.... She returned home with a strong, positive outlook and immediately began confronting her challenges head on. The array of new skills and strategies Haley aquired at the seminar this summer are already helping her to be more successful in school, and in her life.”
– Nancy Seamount and Steve Nelson

“Our daughter took True Colors at age 13. The impact was immediately positive. She had more self-confidence and enthusiasm. Being in the seminar with older teens helped alleviate some of the fears she was having about going into high school that fall and gave her a great jump-start into her freshman year. She took Advanced True Colors at 15 and absolutely fell in love with herself and everyone else in the seminar. She came away with a real vision and excitement for who she could be in the world and the confidence and courage to create it. Thank you Wings!”
– Sherrie Frank

Seminars For Adults

We have good news for you: we also offer personal development seminars for adults! Your teen will return home from TRUE COLORS with a whole new language for communicating based on accountability, respect and profound integrity. Families find they connect with more understanding after participating in Wings Seminars and TRUE COLORS. Learn to talk with your teen at a deeper level and discover more about yourself. Join us for a Wings Seminar.

Personal Development Seminars

Tools for an extraordinary life...

We offer several personal development seminars, starting with the Personal Effectiveness Seminar (PES). PES is rich with tools to live an extraordinary life and since 1986 has assisted over 20,000 individuals to discover the meaning, purpose, joy and fulfillment they have been searching for. Participating in PES will awaken you to your life, right now. Through the exploration of consciousness and the impact of beliefs, PES will assist you to understand yourself with new clarity, compassion and appreciation.
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Leadership Training Seminars

Create a high performance culture...

WINGS Seminars offers training for individual leadership development. In addition, we offer professional and personal development coaching.
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